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Commercial HVAC replacement & new installation customized for your business

We’re commercially licensed and exceptionally experienced.

There’s a lot at stake in heating and cooling your business. We get it.

Comfort Zone will never take a cookie-cutter approach to HVAC for your business. We specialize in customizing a heating and cooling solution that works best for your building and the type of business you operate. The result is optimal efficiency, reliable performance, and long-lasting year-round comfort.


Either way, we have you covered from start to finish.

  • We’re commercially licensed and have been serving commercial HVAC customers for decades
  • Customers have come to expect honest, straightforward guidance in selecting the commercial heating, cooling, and indoor air quality systems that work best for them and their businesses
  • Our transparent and fair pricing ensures our customers can make a fully informed decision
  • Our knowledge and meticulous attention to detail during installation results in the optimal performance and efficiency you and your business need


Twelve years is a long time.

And that’s how long the warranty is on Daikin equipment. Then, we offer our own Comfort Zone warranty on labor, which can also be as long as 12 years.

Daikin, a global leader in indoor comfort, has one of the best warranties in the industry. Because Comfort Zone is a certified Daikin Comfort Pro, our customers get to take advantage of this exceptionally long warranty and enjoy the extra peace of mind that comes with Daikin indoor comfort systems.

Contact us for more information on equipment and labor warranties.


Commercial HVAC Replacement FAQ

Are there different qualifications for residential and commercial HVAC?

Yes, and you should work only with a company that is licensed in commercial HVAC for all services needed for heating and cooling your business, including HVAC maintenance, repairs, and replacement or new installation.

What goes into selecting a new commercial HVAC system?

Whether you’re replacing an old system or installing one in a new business, there’s a lot to consider. Factors such as building size and layout, the type of business you run, typical occupancy, and many others all figure into the size and type of systems that are right for you. We are experienced in customizing heating and cooling solutions that work best for our commercial customers’ unique needs.

When is the best time to schedule commercial HVAC replacement?

To minimize disruption to your business, we always recommend planning a new installation as soon as you know your old system needs to be replaced. This reduces the risk of having to close your business because of total failure of the old system. Ideally, it should also give you some flexibility in scheduling new installation during a time when your business is not at its peak.