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What Are the Benefits of a Commercial Rooftop AC?

    Business owners have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a cooling system for their commercial space. Size and capacity factor into these decisions in a big way, but so does functionality. A long-standing favorite of many commercial property owners is a rooftop air conditioning system. These systems can be formidable and require the work of trained commercial HVAC experts. We have those experts right here at Comfort Zone HVAC, and we can help you with all of your commercial AC needs in Woodstock, GA.

    How It Works

    As the name indicates, a rooftop air conditioner is placed on the roof of your commercial building. You may need to have the location specially reinforced to handle the weight of the unit. All of the cooling components are located inside the large metal cabinet of the rooftop unit, so you don’t have to worry about finding another space for the air handler. The cooling process is basically the same as any other air conditioner, but it happens on a larger, more complex scale.

    Why Consider a Rooftop Unit?

    Here are some reasons a rooftop air conditioner may be a good choice for your business space:

    • It’s quiet – having all the components in a single cabinet and away from your indoor space ensures that you won’t hear disruptive noise during work hours.
    • It’s very accessible – with all the components in a single cabinet, and the cabinet having its own space in a single location on your roof, it is easy for a technician to work on your unit.
    • It’s protected – a rooftop system is not as vulnerable to damage from weather events, vandalism and theft because of its location on the top of your building.

    Need help deciding whether or not a commercial rooftop AC is for you? Give us a call today!