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The Advantages of Commercial Packaged Air Conditioning Units

    Making it through a summer in Atlanta requires the steady services of an air conditioner—and that goes double for businesses, which have to look after the comfort needs of staff, customers, and clients in areas much larger than most homes.

    You have a number of different options for commercial HVAC installation in North Atlanta, GA, so make sure that you make the best choice possible with the assistance of specialists. Since you will need to have professional installers involved eventually, call up Comfort Zone Heating & Air and speak to our commercial experts for guidance as soon as you know you need new installation. Our technicians will help you pick out the right air conditioning unit for your company that will keep you and all your employees and customers comfortable.

    Packaged AC Units and How They Can Benefit You

    One of the most popular types of commercial air conditioning units is the packaged AC. What makes these different from the standard “split” ACs you often see in homes is that the packaged AC doesn’t have a separate outdoor and indoor cabinet with different components contained in each. All the components are housed in a single outdoor cabinet, which is usually installed on the roof of a business.

    Here are some of the major benefits of a packaged air conditioner:

    • Powerful cooling loads: Packaged air conditioners have some of the largest cooling capacities available in single units. Even if there isn’t a solo unit that can handle the full cooling needs of your business, you can easily add on additional units since these systems are designed to be modular.
    • Easy access for repairs and maintenance: Packaged units are among the easiest of systems to repair and maintain because technicians only need to access the single cabinet to perform most of the work. This also reduces the amount of disruption to your business that repair visits can cause—almost all of the repairs will occur on the roof.
    • Space saving: Without the need for an indoor unit, and with the units placed up on the roof, you’ll have valuable space freed up for your business. This arrangement is also much more visually appealing, and it removes clutter from the outdoor areas at ground level.

    Keep in mind that a packaged air conditioning system is only as good as its installation. Make sure that you only hire experienced contractors with a history of working on commercial HVAC installation in North Atlanta, GA. Call Comfort Zone Heating & Air and find out more about our commercial services and the possibilities for packaged air conditioning units for your business.