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Repair or Replace?


We’ll help you make the decision that’s best for you.

Everyone wants to go as long as possible before having to replace their heating or cooling system. But, eventually, the time comes when it no longer makes sense to keep repairing an aging system. The trick is knowing if that time has come or not.

This graph gives you a snapshot of a general timeline based on cost of repairs.


At some point, repairs are no longer cost-effective. You’d be better off investing in a new AC or heating system.

  • The average unit lasts about 10–15 years.
  • You could spend $600 or so on a temporary fix or invest that money in a new system.
  • The relative cost of repairing or replacing the parts that commonly breakdown in aging units are:
    • Capacitor – $
    • Fan motor – $$
    • Gas valve – $$$
    • Compressor – $$$$

We’re here to help you decide if you’ve reached that point.

A vital part of our philosophy at Comfort Zone is providing every customer with honest guidance that serves their best interests—not ours.

We’ll come out to assess your situation and then sit down with you to discuss your best options. If it makes sense to repair, we’ll say so. If you’re better off with a new system, we’ll help you select one that suits your budget—and your indoor comfort needs.