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What should I ask my service technician during a maintenance visit?

    You should schedule maintenance visits twice a year. HVAC units that receive regular maintenance have been shown to operate up to 40% more efficiently than systems that don’t, as well as being 90% less likely to develop problems in the future. It is absolutely in your best interest to schedule preventative maintenance.

    These visits also present great opportunities for you to bring up any concerns you might have. Asking the right questions will help you make the most of your system throughout the year.

    What’s that noise?

    Among the most easily recognizable symptoms of an air conditioner or furnace problem are odd noises. Whether they’re new or recurring, your maintenance visit is the time for you to discuss them with your tech and get some clarification. In most cases, the noise you are hearing is perfectly normal, but in others, early detection leads to cheaper repairs.

    How can I improve my indoor air quality?

    If you suffer from allergies, indoor air quality can dramatically affect your level of comfort and health. If you improve the quality of the indoor air, you’ll enjoy your home more, as well as increase its value. Talk to your service technician about your concerns and symptoms. You may benefit from upgrading the air filter on your system or adding other air quality devices such as an air purifier or a dehumidifier. These products can go a long way to ensuring that your indoor air is clean and pure of allergens.

    How do I save on energy costs?

    As we transition from summer to fall, the cost of heating and cooling your house may rise due to fluctuating temperatures.  Factors that may be driving your energy costs up include old thermostats, dirty vents, poor installation and blocked vents. Your technician can evaluate your home and offer valuable suggestions to keep your energy costs low.

    In this era of busy schedules, it’s a constant temptation to postpone tasks that don’t require immediate attention. Unfortunately, the more time that passes between HVAC check-ups, the better the chances of a serious, expensive problem when you need heating or cooling most. Sticking to a twice-a-year service schedule can save you a lot of money and frustration.