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The Effects of Dirty Air Filters

    We recommend changing your filter every four to six weeks to maintain healthy indoor air quality. Understandably, this task is easily forgotten, but it’s important to keep in mind that, when your filter’s dirty, so is the air you’re breathing inside your home. And that’s not all. A dirty air filter can cause other problems, including:

    Reduced air flow – Air conditioners require a certain volume of air flow to function. If a unit can’t reach that level, it won’t operate as designed and will eventually stop working at all.

    Cooling inefficiency – Dirt on the coils will lead to frost buildup on both the coils and the fans, making the unit work harder to achieve the set temperature.

    Skyrocketing power bills – With its cooling capacity compromised and air flow diminished, your unit will consume significantly higher levels of power. A quick and easy filter change can prevent a dramatic increase in your electricity bill.

    In most cases, changing your filter is an easy task that doesn’t require professional help. However, if you have questions or do find that you need assistance, give us a call. We are happy to help.