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Qualities of Ductless Split Air Conditioning

    If you are adding air conditioning to your home, but you do not have any ductwork installed, you may think your options are limited. Window air conditioners lack the performance and efficiency of central air conditioners, but what choice do you have? Ductless mini split air conditioning systems are a unique, powerful, energy-saving solution that can be retrofitted or added to a new home or single room without any ducts at all!

    Ductwork installation is can be impractical in older homes, multi-family housing, or homes with difficult layouts. Furthermore, if installed incorrectly, your faulty ducts can account for a lot of energy losses during the cooling season. Air can easily escape through the ducts, using energy to cool your attic or crawlspace, and costing you extra money every month.

    Ductless mini splits, however, never run into this problem, and for a simple reason: no ducts! As with central AC, ductless split air conditioning systems have an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. However, the indoor unit (or rather the multiple indoor units depending on the size of your home) is a powerful air handler that can be mounted on the wall of a room or suspended from the ceiling.

    Ductless split air conditioning is powerful enough to cool one or several rooms, but far more efficient than many other systems. They often come with a higher price tag every month, but the energy savings may be worth it. Ductless many splits usually have a much higher SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) than central AC units, which means you’ll see significant savings on your energy bill every month.

    One benefit of ductless air conditioning is zone control. You can control which rooms receive air conditioning and how much, adjusting the temperature in each separate zone with separate thermostats or a master thermostat that controls all zones. This can increase your family’s comfort and allow you to save energy by deciding whether to cool the entire home or only the rooms that are occupied.

    To discuss ductless split air conditioning systems with a professional HVAC service company, call Comfort Zone Heating & Air today to schedule installation in Atlanta.