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Considering a Heat Pump for Your North Atlanta Home? Look for the Energy Star Logo.

    No doubt, you’ve seen the Energy Star logo that appears on products like consumer electronics and household appliances, including HVAC systems. There may even have been one on the packaging and literature for your current air conditioning unit and furnace.

    If you’re thinking about replacing your conventional heating and cooling system with a heat pump, it is more important than ever to make sure it bears the Energy Star logo.

    Energy Star, the IRA, and Big Heat Pump Rebates

    Energy Star tests and labels products that meet or exceed certain energy-efficiency standards. The labeling enables North Atlanta homeowners to identify and compare energy-efficient HVAC equipment that will lower their energy consumption and utility bills, as well as reduce the environmental impact of home heating and cooling.

    For heat pumps, in particular, the labeling is essential for benefitting from the Inflation Reduction Act. In order to qualify for the IRA’s hefty rebates and tax credits, the heat pump you choose must be Energy Star certified.

    3 Terms to Know When Shopping for an Energy-Efficient Heat Pump

    Three key measures are used to determine the efficiency of heat pumps and other HVAC equipment:

    • SEER, or seasonal energy efficiency ratio
    • EER, energy efficiency ratio
    • HSPF, heating season performance factor

    SEER and EER are measures of cooling efficiency, and HSPF specifies heating efficiency. The higher the number for each of these, the more efficient a heat pump is, making it easy to compare different heat pumps. At a glance, you can tell that a heat pump with a SEER of 15, an EER of 12, and an HSPF of 10 is more energy efficient than one with a SEER of 13, an EER of 10, and an HSPF of 8.

    A New Energy Star Twist for HVAC in 2023

    As we rang in the new year, the Energy Star program rolled out a kind of 2.0 for HVAC efficiency, based on new testing procedures. The new version still uses the same three measures, but these will now appear as SEER2, EER2, and HSPF2. The 2 tells you that the efficiency of the heat pump was evaluated using the new testing procedures.

    While this is good news for improved efficiency, it makes comparisons based on the three efficiency measures a bit tricky. For example, a SEER of 15 is not the same as a SEER2 of 15. In other words, you can’t directly compare the efficiency of a heat pump that uses the original version with one that uses the new version.

    Work with a Qualified North Atlanta HVAC Company

    The best way to ensure you select the right heat pump – and can take advantage of the generous IRA incentives – is to work with an experienced licensed heating and cooling company.

    At Comfort Zone Heating & Cooling, our sales process is designed for you to make an informed decision, so you can trust that you’re selecting the right heat pump for your budget and your North Atlanta home. Schedule an appointment today.