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Beat the Heat: Get Your Air Conditioner Tune-up in the Spring!

    Ask any HVAC company in North Georgia or Atlanta and they’ll tell you their busiest time is in the summer. That’s when they’re racing from house to house to do long-put-off AC repairs and responding to cooling emergency service calls. 

    If you ask us, we’ll tell you we want our busy season to be the spring, doing AC tune-ups. The reason is in our name: Comfort Zone. We don’t want you to have the discomfort of expensive repair bills and no AC on the hottest day of the year.  We’d rather see you enjoy the comfort of affordable and reliable air conditioning all summer long. Getting an AC tune-up, aka air conditioner maintenance, in the spring is the best way to do that.

    Top 3 Reasons to Schedule Springtime AC Maintenance

    1. You avoid AC service delays due to the summer crunch. When the cooling season is in full swing, HVAC companies are swamped. No matter what AC service you need – maintenance, repairs, or replacement – it’s going to take longer to happen. Some companies might even reschedule an appointment for maintenance or minor repairs to take care of a cooling emergency.

    2. AC maintenance allows a tech to find and fix potential problems early. When we do preventive maintenance, we always keep an eye out for any issues that could develop into a full-blown problem once you’re using your AC nonstop. This prevents a minor issue from becoming a major repair just when you need your air conditioner the most. On top of that, you can bet that catching and fixing a problem early will be less expensive than repairing it later.

    3. An air conditioner tune-up lowers your utility bill. Part of preventive AC maintenance entails cleaning, tightening, and lubricating parts. This not only reduces wear and tear: It also enables your AC system to operate at peak efficiency, which lowers your electric bill. By kicking off the cooling season with a well-tuned system, you maximize your energy savings.

    There’s No Wrong Time for AC MaintenanceAlthough spring is the ideal time for preventive maintenance, it’s never too late to benefit from having it done. Whether it’s the beginning of April or the middle of July, an AC tune-up is still the best way to get through the rest of the cooling season without a total breakdown. Schedule your AC maintenance today.