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How to Keep Your Heat Pump Efficient Through the Winter

    Heat pumps have come a long way since the earliest models, which often struggled at heating a home efficiently when temperatures dipped below freezing. Today, if you rely on professionals to size and install a heat pump for your house, you should be able to enjoy energy-efficient heating throughout the winter—and great cooling during the summer.

    You need to take care of your heat pump during the winter to make sure that it maintains its efficient performance. Here are a few steps to see that your heat pump works its best until it’s time to switch over to cooling mode:

    • Maintain clearance around the outside cabinet – The outdoor cabinet of a heat pump is where it draws in heat during the winter to bring indoors. The cabinet must be clear of obstructions on all sides for about 24 inches. This includes debris like leaves as well as plants and shrubs. If the heat pump suffers from a drop in the air flow into the cabinet, it will make the system inefficient and may even reduce its service lifespan. Make sure you have the foliage trimmed away from the cabinet.
    • Regularly change the air filter – The air filter for a heat pump protects the components in the indoor cabinet from damage due to dust and dirt. But it only takes about a month for the filter to build up too much debris, and this will choke off the air flow. The result will be an overworked heat pump that drains power.
    • Remember to schedule maintenance twice a year – Yes, your heat pump needs to have a maintenance check before summer starts to make sure it’s ready for the Georgia heat. But it also needs a check before the colder weather arrives. If you missed maintenance for fall, don’t hesitate to schedule it now! It’s better to be safe and prepared—as well as have a heat pump that will last for many years.

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