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How to Keep Your AC in Its Best Shape This Summer

    In the middle of a Georgia summer, few things are as pleasant as walking into a cool, refreshing home after being outside in the hot sun. We know how important it is to keep your AC running smoothly when the temperatures become stifling. Here are some simple tips that will help ensure your unit stays in its best shape this summer. 

    • Clean your outdoor unit. The harder your system has to work, the less efficient it is. If your outside unit is covered with debris, its job becomes much more difficult. Make sure to remove leaves and anything else that might obstruct the flow of air. Even a layer of dirt or grime can be a problem, so a good wipe-down can also help. Avoid landscaping too close to the unit – the more space it has, the better.
    • Check your air filters. Wiping down your unit will reduce the amount of dirt that the filter inside it has to collect. Limited air flow from a dirty filter means that the unit has to work harder to cool your home, which is expensive and bad for the longevity of the system. Dirty filters can also cause problems with refrigerant and the freezing of evaporator coils.
    • Check your ductwork. If your ducts are leaky, your unit is overcompensating. Hire a professional to ensure that your ducts are sealed correctly. This will help your unit and should save you money.
    • Keep your thermostat above 70. Try not to blast your air conditioner at a temperature below 70 degrees when you can avoid it. It’s likely to run constantly, creating stress on the unit. Use a programmable thermostat to help keep your home at a moderate temperature.
    • Schedule maintenance. Invest in your unit by making sure you take proper care of it.  Regular maintenance by a professional will ensure that your unit is running efficiently so that you can enjoy that refreshing cold air all summer long.

    As always, we are here to help with air conditioning maintenance and repairs this summer. If you notice issues or would like to sign up for our yearly maintenance program, give us a call at 770-213-2665.