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Heating Problems Caused by a Faulty Thermostat

    Modern heating systems are intricate and complex devices designed to provide you with maximum comfort in conjunction with energy savings and safety. Among all the workings of furnaces and heat pumps, the thermostat is a component that often gets taken for granted. Even though the thermostat is your conduit into controlling the temperature in your home, this small wall-mounted unit seems distant, even removed, from the heater—but it is an integral part.

    Many common heating problems people encounter come from faults in thermostats. We’ll go over a few of these issues so you’ll recognize when you need to call for heating repair in Atlanta, GA. Comfort Zone Heating & Air is prepared 24 hours a day to service your heater to fix any problems you may have.

    Problems from a malfunctioning thermostat

    • Insufficient heating: One of the troubles that can occur with a thermostat is a miscalibration. This is a simple error that causes the thermostat to sense incorrect temperatures in your house. But this will throw off the programming in your thermostat and cause the heater to shut off at the wrong times, leading to poor heating levels. (The reverse can also occur: the heater stays on too long.)
    • Heater won’t turn on/turn off: If the thermostat loses its connection entirely to the heater because of problems in the wiring, you won’t be able to communicate to the heater at all. In this case, the heater will not come on no matter how you adjust the thermostat. Or, if the heater already was running, you might not be able to turn it off.
    • Uneven heating: This occurs with zone control systems, where the multiple thermostats control dampers that can turn off the heat to certain areas. If the central thermostat malfunctions, or one of the local zone thermostats does, it can mean areas of your home will start feeling too cold. Zone control systems are complicated and require specialists to hunt down the source of the malfunction among the different thermostats.

    Upgrade your thermostat

    If you have an older thermostat, a malfunction provides you with the opportunity to upgrade to better model, such as a digital programmable unit or the new wireless thermostats that allow control over your heating using a smart phone or other mobile device. The thermostat is important enough to your heating comfort that you will benefit immensely from a higher-tech model with precision heat control features. You might consider having an upgrade right now, even if your current thermostat isn’t malfunctioning.

    Whatever kind of thermostat or heating system you have installed, you can trust to Comfort Zone Heating & Air to deliver the heating repair in Atlanta, GA you need to enjoy the rest of the winter.