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Do You Have an Attic Air Conditioner That’s Leaking Water?

    Many homes in the area have their air conditioning systems housed in the attic. There’s nothing wrong with that location, unless the air conditioner starts to leak water. This will damage the insulation in the attic and lead to water damage inside the house. If you detect water leaking from your attic air conditioner, call on our HVAC technicians as soon as possible to have the trouble fixed.

    What causes an air conditioner to leak water?

    The most common reason for an AC to start to leak water is because of trouble inside the condensate system, which collects the water that condenses along the evaporator coil when the cooling system is running. An air conditioner that was not professionally installed may have a loose drain line that can become disconnected from the condensate pan that collects the water. The water will fall right through the hole in the pan. Technicians will need to replace the drain fitting and re-attach it to the pan.

    The drain line can also develop blocks, and this is a frequent problem in a region with high humidity. Humid conditions encourage the growth of algae that will clog up the line. Dirt and rust can also lead to blockage. When the drain line is clogged, the shallow condensate pan will rapidly overflow.

    There might be something wrong with the condensate pump that draws water down the drain line. Like any mechanical device, the pump can break down, or it could collect mold and mildew that will clog it up. Technicians will usually replace the pump to fix this problem.

    There are a number of less common issues that will cause air conditioner leaking, such as cracks in the condensate pan or build-up of moisture inside the non-insulated ductwork. Make sure you contact experienced HVAC professional to find the source of the problem and have it fixed correctly.

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