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Commercial HVAC Installation in Atlanta, GA: Rooftop Units

    Commercial HVAC units perform the same duties as HVAC systems in private homes: providing heated and cooled air to an entire building safely and efficiently. Businesses and other large building have unique needs, however, which must be addressed during commercial HVAC installation. Rooftop units make an elegant solution to the problem, and help businesses all over the world meet their heating and air conditioning needs.

    A rooftop unit usually packages all the components of a heating and air conditioning into a single “box,” combining indoor and outdoor components together. The conditioned air is distributed via a large system of ducts, which can channel air from the unit into any individual offices or “zones” inside the building. The benefits of this system are not lightly dismissed.

    In the first place, since most businesses don’t have a lot of free space to play with, the rooftop unit eliminates the need to create a space for both the indoor and out unit. Placing units on the rooftop also cuts down on the noise factor, since insulation and other factors muffles the sound for people working in the building below.

    Then there’s the question of versatility. Because rooftop HVAC systems are self-contained and easy to install, building managers can add new units quickly and easily without having to replace the entire system. New rooftop units can be connected to existing ductwork without a huge amount of fuss, and the resulting “zone control” from multiple units lets individual offices inside the building tailor the temperature to suit their particular needs.

    That’s important here in Georgia, because misgauging the heating and air conditioning needs of a given building can have disastrous consequences.  Rooftop units provide a solution that won’t break the bank, provided you hire someone who knows the specifics of commercial HVAC installation. We can install your system with speed and efficiency, then set up a regular maintenance program to keep it running as it should. Contact us today to talk about your commercial HVAC installation in Atlanta.