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3 Common HVAC Myths—Busted!

    women-in-front-of-fanThe Internet is a chaotic place, and there isn’t anything that will change that. Sometimes that’s a wonderful thing about it. But that chaos also creates serious problems when it comes to false information. You can type in a question about any appliance in your home and receive a barrage of helpful “tips” and “hacks” and “pointers” from all across the web, many coming from bloggers with no more qualification than “has a blog and an opinion.” This is one of the reasons myths about air conditioning and heating systems have spread widely to homeowners. Most of these myths existed long before the Internet, but the rapid access to information—true and false—has given them new life.

    We’re here to bust up 3 major myths about air conditioning systems we still see and hear all too frequently. Always remember, when in doubt, call on the professionals! We’re the experts on heating and air conditioning in Dunwoody, GA and the surrounding North Atlanta area who can care take of you.

    Myth No. 1: You only have to change the HVAC filter once a year

    Oh dear no. The HVAC filter is an essential part of protecting the interior components from becoming dusty and damaged. (It isn’t designed to improve air quality, which is an interesting sub-myth.) The filter will rapidly become clogged up with debris and needs to be changed regularly—much more often than once a year. The filter must be changed every four to six weeks, or else the HVAC system will suffer a drop in efficiency and cause other serious problems such as short-cycling and frozen evaporator coils. Make a check every few weeks to see if it’s time to change the filter.

    Myth No. 2: Closing the vents in unused rooms will save energy

    We understand why people might believe this. If there’s no cooled or heated air going to a particular room, it must mean less work, for the HVAC system. Nope! We have to bust this one wide open. Not only will closing room vents not save money, it can damage the ventilation system. The blower fan doesn’t work any less when there are closed vents, but it will increase pressure within the ductwork. The heightened pressure will lead to the blower fan running for longer—wasting energy rather than saving it!—and the pressure spike can cause air leaks in the ducts that may require having them replaced.

    Myth No. 3: You don’t need routine maintenance

    This is probably the most pervasive and dangerous HVAC myth in circulation. Maintenance is necessary to keep a system working in top shape and for the longest possible lifespan. It keeps away unnecessary repairs, prevents emergency breakdowns, and keeps the HVAC system safe—especially important if you use a gas furnace. Thankfully, maintenance isn’t tough to stay on top of: we offer our Comfort Club to see to your annual spring and fall maintenance visits. You’ll receive extra benefits along with membership, such as discounts and preferred customer status so you can jump to the head of the service queue.

    Comfort Zone Heating & Cooling serves Cummings, GA and the rest of the North Atlanta area.