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Yes, Your Heat Pump Needs Maintenance in Fall!

    Our major concern for comfort during the year is keeping our homes cooled down in the Georgia heat and humidity. The winters aren’t as rough, and that’s a reason why many homeowners choose to use a heat pump for indoor comfort. A heat pump makes for a powerful cooling system during the summer, and then an efficient heating system that can deliver sufficient warmth to deal with the mild winter.

    If you have a heat pump, we hope that you arranged for maintenance for it with our technicians during the spring. This is the best way to ensure that the system makes it through a sweltering summer without any major malfunctions or spikes in operating costs. Now it’s fall, and your heat pump is likely still at work dealing with the lingering high temperatures. It will soon take a break before you need it to work in heating mode—and that’s the ideal time to schedule its fall maintenance service.

    Why do I need to schedule maintenance twice?

    Because a heat pump isn’t the same as an air conditioner or a furnace: it doesn’t only work during a single part of the year and then go into hibernation. A heat pump uses the same set of components to provide cooling and heating to a building. It only switches the direction that it operates when it moves from one mode to other. The same compressor, motors, fans, relays, and refrigerant coils continue to work regardless of the mode.

    When you consider how much your heat pump has worked in cooling mode during the summer, you’ll start to see why it’s necessary to have it inspected and tuned-up afterwards. Even though the heat pump will not do as much work through the winter, the summer leaves enough stress on it that it must have adjustments and cleanings to help it through until the spring.

    To request maintenance service and sign up for our Comfort Club, get in touch with us today. Comfort Zone Heating & Cooling serves Cumming and Roswell, GA.