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Top 5 Reasons to Always Replace Your Split AC System As a Whole

    No one wants to spend more money than they have to on an air conditioning system. So, when either the indoor or outdoor unit of a split AC system is beyond repair, it may be tempting to replace only the failed unit. However, there are 5 very good reasons to replace both at the same time.

    1. Indoor and Outdoor AC Units Have a Similar Lifespan

    When one unit of your AC system fails due to age, the other is not far behind. Chances are that soon after you’ve bought and installed the replacement for the failed outdoor unit, for example, you will be repeating the process for the indoor unit.

    2. AC Technology is Always Improving

    If either of the units of your AC system has reached the end of its usefulness, chances are the system is at the very least 10 years old. In that time, air conditioning systems on the market have greatly improved in efficiency, noise reduction, and overall quality. By replacing just the failed unit, you will not reap the benefits of these improvements.

    3. The Indoor and Outdoor AC Units Are Designed to Work Together

    Even though the indoor and outdoor units are separated from each other, they are designed as a matched system. This means that optimal performance and efficiency can be achieved only when the two units work together.

    By replacing just one unit, the efficiency and performance – possibly even the lifespan – of both units will be reduced. The mismatched units may also make AC tune-ups, preventative maintenance, and repairs more difficult and costly.

    4. An AC Warranty is for Both Units

    When you replace your AC system as a whole, both the indoor and outdoor units are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. When you replace only one unit, you will still be on the hook for repair costs for the older one. Furthermore, the system mismatch could limit or void the warranty on the new, replacement unit.

    5. You Will Save Money By Replacing the Whole AC System

    It is true that your initial cost will be lower if you replace only the failed unit. However, when you factor in such considerations as reduced efficiency and performance, repair and maintenance complications, and the possible impact on the manufacturer’s warranty, you’ll find that replacing your split AC system as a whole is the less expensive way to go.

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