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The 20 Degree Spread: What It Means for You

    We are in the thick of summer here in Canton, GA, and it’s time to pay attention to how you are setting your thermostat so you don’t overextend your air conditioning system and your energy usage. Many homeowners struggle with what their indoor temperatures should be, so the experts at Comfort Zone HVAC want to share a good tip: use the 20 degree spread. No, we aren’t talking about a football game. What we’re referring to is a way to set your indoor temperature in accordance with the outdoor temperature.

    Varying Degrees

    The essence of the 20 degree spread rule is that your thermostat inside should be set no lower than 20 degrees less than the temperature outside. For example, if it is 94 degrees outside, your thermostat shouldn’t be set any lower than 74 degrees.

    Why Twenty Degrees?

    Your air conditioner has to battle the heat and humidity just as you do; asking it to lower your home by twenty degrees puts plenty of stress on the system as it is. Simply put, your AC may not be able to achieve a cooler temperature, or will struggle to do so. This can invite excessive wear and tear, overheating and potential breakdown.

    What If My Air Conditioner Is Bigger?

    Bigger isn’t better with air conditioning, and in fact, will create bigger problems for you. Your home needs a specific amount of cooling to be comfortable. When you install an AC that is too big for your home, you’ll lose the important dehumidification that is a big part of cooling your home. Instead of feeling cool and dry, you’ll feel cool and clammy.

    There are some simple ways to help maximize your air conditioning during our hot summer months: use ceiling fans, block the sun’s rays with drapes or blinds, or install a whole home dehumidifier. Need more suggestions to maximize your cooling in Canton, GA? Call the experts at Comfort Zone HVAC today!