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Summer’s Almost Over, So Should I Bother with Scheduling AC Repairs Now?

    We understand that as the end of the season approaches, you might feel that it’s not worth the investment in arranging to repair troubles with your air conditioner. You can worry about these problems later, after all, and if the issue seems minor, why should you rush?

    But this is the wrong way to think about your air conditioning system! You should never allow your AC to keep running if you believe there’s a fault in it. There is never a “wrong time” to call for air conditioning repair, as we’ll explain below.

    Prompt Air Conditioning Repair Is Essential

    There are some important reasons why you must never put off calling professionals to repair an air conditioning system:

    • The strain will reduce the air conditioner’s lifespan. Even a small malfunction in an AC, such as a motor that’s starting to run down, will place an increase in stress on other components that will result in rapid system aging. Your AC has less chance of making it to its full lifespan—and reward your initial investment in it—if it has repair needs left unattended to.
    • The air conditioner will drain more energy than it should. This is true of almost any AC malfunction, from dirty outdoor coils to a loss of refrigerant. You’ll end up paying much more for your cooling any time you turn the air conditioner on.
    • The AC will be at a higher risk of a sudden breakdown—and that’s not good when there’s still hot weather ahead! The last thing you want during a sudden heat wave is to turn on your air conditioner and discover that it doesn’t work. But that’s a chance you take when you choose to let repair issues go without remedy.

    Make sure that your family stays reliably cool with a reliable (and efficient air conditioner) at summer’s end: call us for repairs as soon as you need them.

    Comfort Zone Heating & Cooling repairs air conditioning systems in Cumming and Roswell, GA.