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Is leaky ductwork robbing you of indoor comfort?

If it is, we’ll find it with our duct testing service.

You probably don’t give ductwork a second thought. But we do.

We know how much duct leaks can lower the performance of your heating and cooling systems, as well as contribute to poor indoor air quality. Not on our watch. With duct testing, we can detect leaks so they can be repaired. And you can be back in your comfort zone.

Our maintenance service includes:

  • A complete system inspection
  • A thorough safety check
  • A tune-up to clean, adjust, and lubricate parts

The benefits of preventive maintenance:

  • Problems are found and fixed early
  • Reduced risk of expensive, avoidable repairs
  • Reduced risk of breakdowns and emergency service calls
  • Optimal system efficiency for lower utility bills
  • Reduced wear and tear for longer equipment life


We’re personally invested in ensuring your year-round comfort.

Preventive maintenance for heating and cooling systems is one way we do that.

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Membership in the Comfort Club pays for itself with just one service call and one repair.

We service

Whatever brand and type of heating and cooling equipment you have, you can count on us for service done right.

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September 30, 2024

Twelve years is a long time.

And that’s how long the warranty is on Daikin equipment. Then, we offer our own Comfort Zone warranty on labor, which can also be as long as 12 years.

Daikin, a global leader in indoor comfort, has one of the best warranties in the industry. Because Comfort Zone is a certified Daikin Comfort Pro, our customers get to take advantage of this exceptionally long warranty and enjoy the extra peace of mind that comes with Daikin indoor comfort systems.

Contact us for more information on equipment and labor warranties.


Learn more about Daikin AC systems.

Ductwork FAQ

Do you do air duct cleaning?

No, we don’t. But we do provide duct testing and duct repair services. For duct cleaning, we recommend you contact someone who specializes in it.

How often should I have duct testing done?

Generally, this can be done every couple of years if there are no obvious signs of damage or leaks. But if you notice an unexpected rise in utility bills or an unexplained poor quality indoor air, such as worsening of allergy symptoms, you should contact us about duct testing.

What’s the purpose of duct testing?

Duct testing detects any leaks in your home’s ductwork. Leaks reduce how efficiently and effectively your heating and cooling systems do their jobs, resulting in higher utility bills and reduced comfort. They also contribute to poor indoor air quality. Testing allows us to find where the leaks are so they can be repaired.