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Loud Fan Noises: An Atlanta Air Conditioning Repair Tip

    Does your AC make a loud noise during operation? If so, then you should not hesitate to get it looked at by a professional technician. Your AC is a complex system with many different components, all of which cooperate to keep you comfortable during the spring and summer months. You should expect a certain amount of noise during operation. Every HVAC system makes sounds that are related to the operation of its fans, but when these sounds become loud, or seem unusual, it is cause for concern. Whatever you do, make sure you hire a reputable, qualified technician to assess the problem. Call Comfort Zone today for comprehensive Atlanta air conditioning repair services.

    There are two major fans that run within your air conditioning system: the blower motor fan that is part of your indoor unit, and the condenser fan, which pulls air through the condenser coils in order to condense the refrigerant. Let’s take a look at a couple of potential reasons for the fan noise in your AC:

    • Faulty bearings: Your fans have bearings to reduce friction during operation. However, like any other aspect of the system, if dirt or dust gets inside these bearings, then it can lead to problems with your cooling. Faulty bearings can lead to a wobbling fan, and this can make a horrible racket. Dry bearings also tend to make a grinding sound.
    • Fan blade damage: Both your indoor blower motor fan and the outdoor exhaust fan are subject to wear and tear. If you find that your fan is making a banging or friction-related noise, then the fan blade may be out of whack. This can also damage other parts of the system.
    • Banging: If it sounds like there is something banging around on the inside of your unit, then there probably is. If a part becomes loose within your AC, then it may damage other components if it is neglected.

    Call Comfort Zone today for superior air conditioning repair services in Atlanta, including AC fan repair.