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How to Keep Your Business Up and Running During Commercial HVAC Service

    The pandemic has been disruptive enough. No business in Atlanta or North Georgia wants further disruption because their commercial HVAC system needs repairs, maintenance, or replacement. While it may seem like there is never a good time for the work to be done, there are ways to minimize the impact on your normal business operations and the comfort of your customers and employees.

    4 Strategies for Making Commercial HVAC Service More Convenient

    • Work with a qualified contractor who offers flexible scheduling. Commercial HVAC contractors and repair technicians serve all different types of businesses with all different hours of operation. Having HVAC repairs done during the daytime may be convenient for a nightclub but not for a daycare facility. Look for an HVAC company that may be able to accommodate your off-hours.
    • Don’t ignore warning signs. If you see signs that trouble may be brewing with your HVAC system, it’s best to be proactive and schedule a service call for it to be checked out. Otherwise, you could be looking at an emergency repair at the most inconvenient time.
    • Schedule HVAC maintenance during the heating and cooling off-seasons. HVAC preventive maintenance requires that your system be shut down. You can keep employees and customers comfortable by having maintenance done in the spring and fall, when temperatures are moderate and going without air conditioning or heating during the maintenance is not a problem.
    • Consider a rooftop HVAC unit. When it comes time to replace an aging split HVAC system, consider installing a rooftop package unit. With this type of HVAC system, the evaporator and the condenser are housed in one cabinet that sits on the roof. Since the major components are outside, an HVAC technician can perform repairs and maintenance with minimal disruption to staff and customers. And, as an added bonus, you free up some extra room in your workspace.

    Comfort Zone Heating & Cooling Respects Your Space

    When your business – or home – needs HVAC repairs and maintenance or installation of a new heating and cooling system, you can count on Comfort Zone to do the job right – and that includes treating your space like it was our own. Contact us for your next commercial HVAC service.