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Get into the Zone with Zone Control for Your Heating

    We’ve had quite a mild fall and beginning of winter, but make no mistake: winter is here, and it will get cold. If you have a ducted heating system and use a single thermostat to manage your household heating, you probably know that this can be a challenge. How? It’s hard to make everyone happy with one thermostat, and you also may have special architecture, like wall-to-ceiling windows, that make it hard to evenly heat certain areas. But the HVAC pros from Comfort Zone Heating & Cooling have the perfect solution for you: a zone control system.

    A What?

    It may sound like something big and looming, but it is fairly simple. A zone control system consists of three main components:

    • Motorized dampers
    • Main control panel
    • Thermostats for each zone

    A zone control system works at the heart of your air delivery system: your ductwork. The first step is to establish the various zones of your home, and you’ll do this with your technician. Zones can be single rooms, a group of rooms, etc. The choice is yours. Once the zones are determined, our technician will install motorized dampers into the supply side of your ductwork, as well as thermostats into each zone. The dampers and the thermostats are wired to a main control panel. This panel tells the dampers when to open and close according to the temperatures set in each zone.

    How Does This Help?

    A zone control system offers you customized heating (and cooling). You completely turn off heating to zones that aren’t in use or turn heating up as needed per zone. If energy efficiency is a priority, it is much easier to achieve with a zone control system simply because you have far better control over the amount of heating you use.

    Want to see what a zone control system can do for your home in Cartersville, GA? Call us today!