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Atlanta Heating Question: What Really Happens During Heating System Maintenance?

    At Comfort Zone Heating & Air, we often get asked if there is actually any benefit to getting regular maintenance on your heating system. We thought it would be helpful for our customers if we put together a summary of all of the tasks that get performed during one of our regular heating maintenance visits. Most people realize that regular tune-ups and oil changes are good for their car. However, fewer people realize that the same principle applies to their heating system. There are many benefits to heating maintenance in Atlanta which we will also discuss here.

    Benefits of Regular Heating Maintenance

    No matter what kind of heating system you have, regular maintenance has many benefits. Here are a few of them.

    • Reduced repairs – During regular maintenance visits, your Comfort Zone technician will be able to fix small problems before they develop into larger repairs.
    • Increased efficiency – With regular use, your system will begin to deteriorate. Getting the moving parts clean, lubricated and replaced can help improve your heating system’s efficiency.
    • Extended life – When you get the small problems with your heating system repaired during regular maintenance, you can potentially avoid catastrophic failures with your heating system.

    Regular Maintenance Tasks

    This is just a quick summary of what happens during a regular visit. The actual maintenance visit will be very thorough and precise. Obviously, depending on what kind of heating system you have, the maintenance tasks will vary.

    • Inspect heat exchanger – If you have a furnace, this will be a big part of the maintenance. Heat exchangers are responsible for discharging the harmful combustion gases that contain carbon monoxide.
    • Check burner – If you have a boiler or a furnace, this is important to make sure that the burner isn’t dirty and that all of it is lit.
    • Check pilot light/thermocouple – If you have an electronic igniter, this will be inspected and cleaned.
    • Check ducts and vents leading in and out of heating system
    • Check fan motor, fan belt, fan blades

    All of this and much more will be done during regular heating maintenance in Atlanta . If you have any questions about what exactly you get with regular heating maintenance, call Comfort Zone today!