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Are Zone Control Systems the Same as Ductless Mini Split Systems?

    Zone control systems refer to a way to divide a home up into different “zones” (often individual rooms, but sometimes as large as the upstairs and downstairs) that can have their temperatures set independently. This distinguishes them from most central heating and cooling systems, which provide the same temperature to all rooms whenever they turn on.

    Ductless mini splits are a type of heat pump—capable of heating and cooling—that bypasses ducts and a central indoor unit. Instead, they use individual blowers mounted in different rooms to send air directly into the living space. Because these blowers can be set separate from each other, they allow for zone control.

    In other words, all ductless mini split heat pumps are zone control systems. But not all zone control systems are mini split heat pumps.

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    Zone Control vs. Ductless Mini Splits

    A zone control system is any comfort system that divides a space into different regions, each with independent temperature controls. A ductless mini split is a system that, by its nature, has zone control. If you choose to install a ductless mini split, you are also installing a zone control system.

    Other zone control systems are upgrades to standard central air conditioners and heaters that are installed into the ventilation system. The technicians place dampers inside the ducts to control the flow of conditioned air, and these dampers are connected to individual thermostats. All the thermostats link into one control panel so a homeowner can set the different zones from one place. The local thermostats allow people to adjust the temperatures to their liking wherever they are.

    Zone control systems in ductwork can be installed along with a new HVAC system, or they can be retro-fitted into an existing set of ducts. So if you already have a forced-air system with ducts in your home, you don’t need to replace it with a ductless mini split heat pump in order to receive the benefits of zone control; just call expert installers, and they can set up the dampers inside your ducts and hook up the thermostats.

    Zone Control Advantages

    Whatever way you fit your home for zone control—through the ducts or with ductless mini split installation—you’ll receive the benefit of a reduction on your power bills because you will only need to heat and cool the rooms you use. You’ll also have a happier household because everyone can set the temperature in the home to fit them, wherever they are, without affecting the rest of the house.

    If you aren’t sure what type of zone control you should install, call Comfort Zone Heating & Air. We have years of experience with heating and air conditioning in Atlanta, GA to help us advise you.